Tooth Whitening


Dental whitening is a method via which we can lighten the colour of your tooth enamel or recover the natural white colour that may have been lost due to a variety of reasons.

Whitening is a simple treatment which will improve the natural beauty of your smile.

There are many reasons why teeth darken and need to be lightened through dental whitening: the consumption of tabacco, coffee, tea, certain medicines, some mouthwashes, etc. Another case would be teeth that have received endodontic treatment, which will then darken over time.

Having brilliant, white teeth is a requisite for enjoying a light and attractive smile, dental whitening has currently become one of the most requested treatments.

There are different methods to improve the colour of your teeth. We must differentiate between teeth that have been devitalised (where the “nerve has been killed”) and those that have not been treated.

In the first case, we resort to internal dental whitening, applying a whitening chemical on the inside which will improve the external colour.

In the case of vital teeth (with nerve) we can opt for nocturnal dental whitening, which is carried out at home using splints produced in the dental laboratory, specially for your teeth, which you will have to fill with a whitening agent for a specific number of nights. The splints are made from models that we will make in the clinic.

Once we have them, we will show you how to apply the dental whitening gel. The first application will be in the clinic.  During the treatment, you will have to come in for monitoring every 3-4 days.  The duration of the procedure varies between 7 and 14 days.

Another option for vital teeth is to carry out the full dental whitening in the clinic. In this case the splints will not be necessary as the application of the gel will be done in the surgery.  The whitening agent is much more powerful and we will simultaneously apply ultraviolet light, whereby we will achieve a much faster effect. The duration of the session will be between 40 and 60 minutes. 2 or 3 sessions may be required.

It has to be said that in not all cases can the desired colour be achieved with dental whitening. That is why we will always carry out a prior evaluation and we will inform you about the treatment options in the event that dental whitening is not of use.

It is also important to know that the dental whitening procedure will only be effective on natural teeth (with or without nerve) and that crowns (caps), seals (fillings) that you may have will NOT change colour, and that it may be necessary to replace them with some new ones in your new colour so that the old ones don’t look ugly.

In all cases in which it is possible to carry out dental whitening, we will achieve a change of colour that will improve your facial expression. This improvement will reduce as the months pass and the teeth once again come into contact with coffee, tea, tabacco, wine, etc. due to which, a maintenance dental re-whitening will be necessary after around two years, depending on the consumption of the afore-mentioned agents.

The good news is that it is simply maintenance of the colour, and so we will not require the same intensity or the same duration and, therefore, it is much more economical.