PERIODONCIAIs the odontology specialty dedicated to the health of the gums in order to prevent gingivitis and other diseases. The word “periodontal” means “around the tooth”. The gum is a type of specialised skin that surrounds the teeth and covers the bone that holds the teeth in place. It forms part of the system fixing the tooth to the maxillas. If the gum is healthy, the teeth are firm, guaranteeing that they correctly fulfill their masticatory purpose.  In addition, pink and well-defined gums surrounding the teeth directly impacts upon the buccal aesthetic.

There are many people who suffer from periodontal diseases (gingivitis in the first instance) but do not know because in their initial stages they are painless.

Plaque is a film of bacteria, remains of food and saliva, which adhere to the teeth.  If not removed with the correct and complete brushing technique, it begins to produce acid which attacks the teeth and calculus (tartar) which destroys the gums and the bone giving way to inflammation (gingivitis) and bleeding.

Gums without gingivitis have a light pink colour, not red, and they never bleed. The bleeding is the most obvious sign of gingivitis.

If you have noticed your gums bleeding, you should come to the clinic to begin treatment as soon as possible, whether it is gingivitis or something more serious.

The sooner gingivitis is detected, the sooner we can put a stop to it, given that in more advanced states there is no remedy other than extracting the teeth to solve the infection.

There are various causes that provoke gingivitis and periodontitis, amongst which of note are smoking, inadequate hygiene, poorly controlled diabetes, genetic predisposition, etc.

The type of treatment will vary depending on the state of the disease. For this reason, at dentsalut we recommend that you consult with us upon the very slightest suspicion of gingivitis, given that with simple treatments we can control the process but it is very difficult to recover tissue that has already been destroyed. Patients affected by gingivitis or other periodontal diseases, must follow a strict supervision and maintenance at the clinic every three months.