How should I maintain my dental implants?

How should I maintain my dental implants?

It is important to note that the dental implant treatment does not end once we have been discharged from the clinic, but continues with its care and maintenance at home.

During rehabilitation with dental implants, and especially to finish, we will teach the process of cleaning the dental sobreimplantes prosthesis which is to be controlled, like dental implants and other support structures, in the same way as We would control natural teeth.

The osseointegrated prosthesis consists of various components fixedtogether by precision screws. Over time and with “microvibrations” that occur with chewing, these screws bearing dental implants can become loose. Therefore it is necessary to review your dentures, ideally every six months in order to control the function, detect any issues at an early stage, tighten the screws if necessary, to monitor the bone and sanitize the pillars.


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