IMPLANTES DENTALESWhen tooth decay has developed to the point of affecting the nerve, it becomes infected and its removal becomes necessary, i.e., endodontics. It is what is commonly called “killing the nerve”. Endodontics is the only option for preserving the tooth and its function once the pulp (nerve) has been ruined.

During endodontics all the infected nervous tissue is eliminated, the canals are prepared and filled with a material that guarantees effective sealing.

At our clinic we have the most sophisticated methods of performing endodontics.

We mechanise to the greatest possible degree the endodontic procedure to ensure the greatest precision, using systems for measuring the radicular canals in order to guarantee the correct sealing of same and minimising the post-treatment discomfort as a result of endodontics, which at times may remain during several days, but which tends to be resolved with time and the appropriate medication.