Dental Fillings

EMPASTE DENTAL-257351563At dentsalut we want, above all, to restore the dental function and aesthetic that may have been lost.

In order to achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with the most advanced technology in dental apparatology and we use the latest materials on the market for dental fillings.


Dental fillings the same colour as teeth

These are composite dental fillings. A material made from resin and which we have in an infinite number of colours to cover the majority of the natural enamel colours of your teeth. In addition, they come in different types depending on the location of the structure to be repaired. If it is the occlusal area of the molars responsible for supporting masticatory force we will insert a high resistance one. On the other hand, for the front row, putting aesthetics first, we will choose one that mimics the neighbouring teeth and this is then polished until it gives off the same brilliance as natural enamel.

When a tooth is affected by caries, it must be remedied by eliminating the infected tissue and refilling the cavity that remains with a composite dental filling.

Dental fillings, nowadays, are very stable and long-lasting. But as happens with all materials, odontological or not, their length of time in the mouth depends on the care taken of them.

For the most part, we will carry out the dental filling during one sole appointment. It  is often necessary to anaesthetise the tooth to eliminate the caries and insert the dental filling. If the affected area has reached very close to the nerve of the tooth, additional measures will have to be taken to protect it, and even so, when the dental filling is very large, it can develop pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp) which requires endodontics.