clinica-dental-barcelona-muntanerDentsalut is your dental clinic in Barcelona. Working every day to provide you with leading edge, reliable odontology, all at reasonable prices.

Our aim is that when you come and visit us at our dental clinic in Barcelona you will entrust your oral health to us in the knowledge that your dentist will give you the personalised and exclusive attention that you need and that you may have missed so often in other dental clinics.

  • PAIN FREE treatments.
  • The latest TECHNOLOGY at your service.
  • PERSONALISED attention.
  • We are in the CENTRE of Barcelona.

For denstalut, your dental clinic in Barcelona, your smile is our aim, and you, as a patient forming part of our dentists team, are our maximum priority.

Having an attractive smile is a natural privilege which only a few of us can enjoy. Facial aesthetics and the smile are intimately connected. White, straight and well-shaped teeth, together with healthy pink gums constitute a standard of beauty these days, they represent health, self-confidence, youth and happiness.

If for any reason you need to replace a tooth that you have lose, you probably know that the best option is dental implants. Our dentists are specialists implantologists and they may offer the best solution for your case.

Our working atmosphere is young, friendly and relaxed as we try to ensure that you feel comfortable with our dentists in our dental clinic in Barcelona.

Dentsalut is committed to being your guide and advisor when it comes to deciding which treatment is the most suitable in your case, placing at your disposal all the necessary information. We will work together to help you maintain your recovered oral health so that we need not return to the beginning each time. Because at your dental clinic in Barcelona, we believe in a white, attractive, harmonious and above all lasting smile.

Within this website you can get to know our dental clinic, the work philosophy of our dentists, book an appointment with us by choosing the time that most suits you, find out about the treatments and services, ask us about any query and much more. Explore the universe we place at your disposal, we hope you find it to be both interesting and useful.