Dental aesthetics

EDONTOLOGIATo display an attractive and brilliant smile is the best medicine. It is a real shame that some people dont smile much in order to hide imperfections in their teeth that have given them a complex. We all know that to laugh openly and fully conveys well-being, and that when this smile is attractive and harmonious it brings light to our appearance and enables us to enjoy greater self-esteem.

Thanks to advances in aesthetic odontology, we can improve your smile withquick treatments, completely pain-free and incredibly affordable.

You should know that cutting edge odontology facilitates teeth whitening,changing the size, shape or the position of teeth in the majority of cases, repair broken teeth, replace old and ugly fillings, replace missing teeth, etc.


Tooth-coloured fillings

We use “white” fillings to replace amalgam fillings which were very visible and therefore antiaesthetic. We currently have materials with which to change fillings into a wide range of colours  in order to achieve invisible and very natural fillings which are also reliable over time.

We can change old, darkened fillings, repair fractured teeth, protect sensitive dental necks, etc.


Ceramic Dental Caps

Dental caps are complete covers for a tooth or molar and they restore or improve the tooth’s anatomy and colour.

They protect the dental structure if it has been weakened through the treatment the structure has had to undergo, in order to restore its viability.


Orthodontic Treatment

The dental aesthetic is very closely linked to a correct positioning of the teeth.

That is why we have corrective dental orthodontic treatments, where in many cases we can resort to the use of aesthetic braces, less visible and more ergonomic to arches, in such a way that the orthodontic treatment is faster and facilitates the easiest dental correction at an adult age.