INFANTILOral health in children has a direct impact on the development to maturity.

We will take care the wellness an maintenance of the oral health of the smallest of the family. It is important to get correct habits (hygienic and alimentary) with odontopediatrics techniques.

Ours professionals recommend a visit every 6 or 12 months.


When have children go to the dentist?

In general, we recommend the first visit of the dentist when  start the eruption of the primary dentition, about three years.

How to prevent cavities in children?

From the eruption to 4-5 years you have to teach the boy or girl in your oral hygiene.  Always with the help of an adult and using the appropriate brush her small mouth and the right amount of toothpaste.

From the young age it’s necessary that the cleaning must be controlled.


Let’s go to the dentist!

Children may be afraid of people and unknown places but the fear of going to his visit dentistry is not natural.

Currently, pediatric dentistry techniques let you treatments with minimal discomfort although the performance of the dentist is not always pleasant (creates fear in children and in adults). If you do not want the child to have this attitude when we visit, we have to act prudently and without lies.

First, and most important, you can not make is the fear with stories of unpleasant experiences or use the visit to the dentist as a threat.

It is transmitted to the trust and confidence children when they visit and avoid lying with phrases like “not hurt” or not “feel anything” because a single bad experience would make your child not to trust more in your reassuring advice.